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Sews Cabind Poland



Sews-Cabind Poland Company, specializing in wire harness manufacturing, exists at the Polish market since year 2001, when the company joined Sumitomo Group, one of the most powerful Japanese Company Groups.

Where we are 

The headquarter of Sews-Cabind Poland is located in Zywiec; a picturesque city situated in Zywiec valley, 90 km south-west of Cracow, the historical capital of Poland.



The city is one of the most popular touristic, cultural and industrial centers of the Podbeskidzie region within the boundaries of the Silesia voivodeship. Additional advantage of the city’s location is its short distance to borders of Slovakia and Czech Republic.

 We have two production sites, both located in Zywiec, with the total area of 15 000 sq. m. With about 1100 people that we hire, we are one of the region’s largest employers.



As a manufacturer of more than 900 types of wire harnesses for automotive industry, we are an important supplier for the European market.


Official Site

Lesnianka plant
Lesnianka Str.,73
34-300 Zywiec, Poland
Phone: +48 33 860 48 40


Main Office

Grunwaldzka plant
Grunwaldzka Str., 5
34-300 Zywiec, Poland
Phone: +48 33 8664 100
Fax: +48 33 8664 150

Contact us:

E-mail: poland@sews-cabind.it



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